Arrival & Day 1

Upon arrival in Kigali we received a warm welcome at the airport before being taken to our accommodation. We were then helped to settle in and given lots of fresh fruit for supper. After a short tour of the accommodation we went to bed early to ensure we were well rested for the next day.

We woke up at 6:30am to shower and get ready for breakfast. After a 10-minute walk through the campus we arrived at the church where we will have breakfast and lunch each day. Some of us enjoyed the African tea…some of us didn’t.


We headed back to the campus for an introductory meeting with Josephine where we discussed the plans for the next few days. A school visit had been planned for 2 o’clock so we split ourselves into 3 groups to plan for the workshops we would present. Initially, we started with a Civil, Mechanical and Biomedical workshop to show to the school pupils.

After lunch, Gratien, the bus driver for our time here picked us up from the university to take us to the first school.


The visit was very successful with the pupils taking a keen interest in the workshops. We had time to spare before we left so we sat down and chatted to them all. We found out that many of them would now like to go into further education studying engineering.

Once we arrived back to the accommodation, we had our first bit of free time to relax after the long day and spend some time bonding with the Rwandan girls.

The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂


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