A Summer Update from the FIR Glasgow Team

Now fully recovered from what turned out to be some of the most tiring weeks of our lives, the FemEng Glasgow team are looking to what our future holds. Although we achieved our initial goal this June, managing to administer career advice and practical activity workshops to over 500 young girls in Rwanda, there is so much more that can be done. With a year’s experience under our belts, the team are hopeful that next year holds amazing potential to outshine these achievements. Also, given the extent of positive feedback received before, during and after our visit to Kigali, it is clear that our mission is a sound one and that it serves a real purpose.


After debriefing with John Briggs, the team are now working on compiling a solid report in time for our Parliamentary reception at the end of September. The aim of this document will be to inform sponsors and our other supporters about the details of the work so far – accounts, breakdowns of the practical activities, discussions about conversations we had with various different demographics, etc. – and copies will be available to take away or to order.

Further discussion has also to be had with Glasgow City Council and SmartSTEMS, as to how FemEng in Glasgow can be fully utilised to fulfil the needs of the young population here too. The response from the University of Glasgow and from the Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow since our return has been great and we are confident our other sponsors will feel similarly.

For now – good luck to the FemEng members across the globe starting internships, graduate jobs and further study already. We do have day jobs as well you know! Further updates to come as things progress.

Lots of love,

The FemEng in Rwanda team