Day 2

As some of the Rwandan girls were still busy with exams, breakfast was our first opportunity to meet them and prepare for another busy school visit.

Our visit to La Colombiere Primary School was very successful. We split into groups to deliver workshops to 5 primary 5 classes in different engineering disciplines. The pupils were extremely enthusiast about us being there and had advanced and interesting questions for us. One little girl made sure to come up afterwards to tell us she was dying to become a mechanical engineer when she grows up, as did many of the pupils by the end of the visit.


Now that the whole team had arrived, we spent the free evening to participate in some team bonding and culture exchange. The Glasgow girls taught the Rwandan team ceilidh dancing, while the Rwandan team taught us traditional African dance… it may take some practice.

The Rwandan girls even had a little surprise gift for us!! We were all given handmade African earrings and a Rwandan souvenir made from bark from a banana tree!!!

The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂


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