“FemEng in Rwanda” is a project led by university students in the University of Glasgow (UoG) to encourage participation of young women in science and engineering fields. This is a collaborative initiative with the University of Rwanda (UR), where four weeks of practical engagement will commence in June 2019.

The team consists of six female students in engineering from UoG, six female students in engineering and architecture from UR, and six schoolgirls from various secondary schools in Rwanda. Together with multiple academics, Members of Parliament and organisation leaders, the teams are constructing effective ways to promote science and engineering to 12-15 year old students in Rwanda. In addition, they will meet with women in vocational training centres undergoing technical training.

The engagement will consist of workshops covering a multitude of disciplines, from basic computer programming to diagnostic biosensing to 3D printing. The activities are being optimised for the audience and aim to provide an insight into the potential within STEM subjects whilst stimulating interest in the people we meet with. Workshop materials in the past have been provided by: Dyson, CH2M, STAR Refrigeration, UoG (Biomedical Engineering) and University College Dublin.

The money raised using this crowdfunding page will go towards providing hospitality and transport costs for the Rwandan students and schoolpupils we are working with and reaching out to, as well as assisting with provision of materials for workshops. Any leftover costs will go towards the continuation of the project the following year, as we expect this to run for at least 5 years.

This project is currently sponsored by: Robertson, Western Ferries, Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow, UoG School of Engineering, STAR Refrigeration, Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland (IESIS).

Our Facebook: facebook.com/femenginrwanda/

Our Twitter: twitter.com/UoGfemeng

Our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/femengrwanda/

Our LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/18027166/

Our GoFundMe: gf.me/u/ss2uwi


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