Team Planning Day

We had a very productive day yesterday!

We started the day by going though all aspects of the project from travel and living to education and publicity once we arrive. We were successfully able to come up with solutions or plans to solve possible challenges we may face.

Throughout the rest of the day we took part in several interviews. First with Fiona Taylor and then with John Briggs, both of whom have visited and worked in Kigali. We then met with Mateso and Jean, who studied at the University of Rwanda. They were all incredibly helpful and were able to provide us with invaluable insight into what we should expect; geographically and culturally. They gave us some brilliant tips and ideas for everyday living and how to approach the workshop days. They also suggested some really interesting places and people to visit.

We are now all feeling more prepared and excited with just over a week to go!

Brace yourselves!

As exam season is finally drawing to a close, the team are now able to focus all their energies on our upcoming visit to Kigali, leaving Glasgow on the 1st June (i.e. in 12 days!). A lot has happened in the past month – we are very excited to be updating you on the progress we have made.


Change of Team Member

Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances, our team member Brogan has had to withdraw from the trip. However, she is still supporting the project from here in Glasgow. Her space was filled by 2nd year PDE student Christie Sherlock, who we are very excited to have joining us and whose profile is posted below.



Launch Event (14th April)

As you may have seen on our other media outlets, the project launch in the Wolfson Medical Building last month was a resounding success! We attracted over 60 attendees, ranging from corporate representatives to distinguished academics to family and friends, with a strong presence from our Rwandan population at UoG as well. Since the event, we have more than doubled our previous sponsorship total and were highly commended on our work. (Pictures by Eilidh McIntosh ©)


New Sponsorship

Since our last update, we have received sponsorship from the following:

  • Incorporation of Hammermen of Glasgow

  • IESIS (Institute of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland)

  • STAR Refrigeration

  • Allan Glen’s School Club

  • School of Physics and Astronomy (UoG)

  • Donald Kerr

  • Fleetwood and Robb Solicitors

And there are still some grant applications being considered.

Thanks to our kind sponsors (and with help from our crowdfunding page, which is still live) we have exceeded our initial target of £8000. Therefore (and with any more funds raised from now) we have a comfortable bed of funding from which we can guarantee subsistence for our Rwandan counterparts, provide extra materials for our workshop participants, and potentially leave a leftover sum to carry over into the next year of the project.

We have also been able to visit some of our sponsors to give presentations about the project, which enables us to learn more about these organisations, and to tell more people about the cause.


Media Coverage

We’ve been overwhelmed with interest from various press outlets in light of our launch, and have since been featured in the Evening Times, the Glasgow Herald, the Glasgow Guardian, UoG Campus e-News, the GIST (Glasgow Insight into Science and Technology) and the G-You. Our Twitter coverage has also been incredible, and we were mentioned in Rwandan newspaper The New Times. Not only does this publicity help our project run, but most importantly brings attention to the real reason for our collaboration and the drive behind the initiative.


Meeting with Glasgow City Council

A prominent meeting we engaged in recently was with some key members of the city council, in the City Chambers in Glasgow. By divulging the objectives of the project to relevant members of the council, we have discussed scope for linking FemEng to GCC schools in the future. This is a very exciting prospect, as by establishing a solid link with the council we have a much larger scope for what FemEng can do to reach out to young people in Glasgow. More on this to follow once we have returned from Kigali.

So what’s next?

With a limited time before we head off, the FIR team are spending the next week meeting with various people who are giving us travel advice, cultural advice, and further insight into how to ensure our project is successful. We have a meeting lined up with Patrick Grady MP, and have also been asked to be interviewed to be a part of the YWCA Young Women’s Movement list of “30 inspiring Women in Scotland under 30”.

Thanks for reading – we hope you are as excited as we are!