“Future You” preparations and Mount Kigali hike – 18/07/18


In the morning the team worked together to further set up the Rwandan Team’s “Future You” society. The society aims to continue to build upon the work carried out by the FemEng in Rwanda Project after the Glasgow team leave Rwanda at the end of the month. The session was successful with committee positions being appointed such as President, Secretary and Treasurer and a discussion about what the committee aim to achieve in the next year.


In the afternoon the team embarked on a hike up Mount Kigali. The picturesque views throughout provided a beautiful panorama over the whole of Kigali. The team would agree it was definitely worth the cardio. We were even lucky enough to watch the sunset before heading back down. 

A productive morning ended with a refreshing walk. It was a beautiful end to a great day. 


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