Cover letter writing and job application guidance workshop – 17/07/18

Tuesday was a productive day for the team as Paula gave everyone a talk on how to write a cover letter. Both the Glasgow and Rwanda girls benefited from hearing Paula’s various cover letters for different jobs as well as her experience writing them. It was an important lesson for everyone especially as some of the Rwandan and Glasgow team are hoping to apply for jobs and internships in the coming months. 

It was an exciting lunch as Hope – one of the Glasgow team – turned 21. To celebrate everyone had organised a small surprise party with balloons, banners and a cake! 


Full of cake, attention turned to further setting up the Future You society in Rwanda. Kirsty and Morgan reminded everyone of the various positions and the Rwandan team begun electing members and establishing a basic structure. This is all in preparation for the first Future You meeting that will take place on Wednesday. 


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