College Amis des Enfants – 9/07/2018


After breakfast the girls arrived at College Amis des Enfants where they would be seeing over a 100 students from various different age groups.  It is always exciting for the team to be able to encourage pupils towards a career in STEM. Many of the pupils had not heard of the majority of engineering disciplines or considered the career prospects that could follow. All workshops where extremely busy with straw towers being constructed and x-rays examined. The Rwandan team explained the different combinations of subjects that pupils should choose in order to study engineering as well as talking about their experience at the University of Rwanda.


The rest of the day was full of CV workshops for the Rwandan team who had been busy working on them in their own time. The Glasgow team were able to offer their own as examples and answer any of the girls questions. This exercise was beneficial for both the Rwandan team and younger Glasgow team members. 


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