Final Thoughts

After a great weekend in the Kayonza district we headed back to Kigali to collect our luggage and say our final goodbyes to our Rwandan cohorts.

Before heading back to the University Campus, we had been invited round to the home of a couple who we met at the United Nations conference. We spoke to them more about FemEng and what we had been up to these last three and a half weeks. We had very interesting and empowering conversations. They welcomed us all into their home and offered us canapés and Mississippi mud pie (which was delicious!!).

After a few hours, we headed back to the Campus and hugged goodbye to the Rwandan girls still at the accommodation. At last, we arrived to Kigali International airport with not much time to spare. We stopped at a café for a quick meal, and to spend our Rwandan francs that we had left over, but minutes after ordering we heard the last call for our flight to Brussels!!! We anxiously devoured our sandwiches before passing through security and arriving at the boarding gate just before the doors shut.

We enjoyed our long-haul flight with the entertaining movies that were available, one of our favourites was ‘Bohemian Rapsody’. After all the walking, bus journeys and 8 hour stopover in Brussels we finally arrived at Edinburgh airport, tired as ever but happy to come back to our family and friends.

FemEng in Rwanda 2019 has now come to an end. We are all so glad to have been part of this pioneering project that keeps expanding across Rwanda every single year. This year was very successful for us all as we managed to reach over 3,500 school children and made a significant impact. We cannot wait for what the future holds for these promising youths. Big thank you to the University of Rwanda, high school and University of Glasgow team for working so incredibly hard throughout the duration of the project. The project wouldn’t have been such a success without the effort of each and every single team member. Thank you to the staff members at the University of Rwanda for all their help in making the project a success. And huge thank you to Ellen Simmons for founding the project in 2016.

The University of Glasgow team look forward to attending the annual James Watt dinner in October to represent FemEng and share our experiences further.

The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂

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