Safari Trip!!

After a great night’s sleep, we had a very early morning as today was the safari day!! We were informed that the best time to start the safari was early in the morning as this is when we would have the highest chance of seeing any animals.

Waking up to the lovely surroundings of the Womens Opportunity Centre definitely had the team in high spirits, even when we headed for breakfast at 5am. We had a nice change this morning from the usual hard-boiled eggs and chapatis, as we got some fresh fruit and a mini fry up!

We soon got on the bus and headed to the Akagera National Park, arriving at 8am. We were assigned with a tour guide who came into the bus with us and took us around the park, giving us fun facts and helping us keep an eye out for animals along the way.

We had an amazing day as we saw so many different animals like zebras, giraffes, hippos, baboons and even some elephants!

Seeing the animals in their natural habitat was a great experience for us and we will definitely all look back on this day with fond memories. Sadly, we didn’t spot any lions or rhinos– but this didn’t come to a surprise to us as we knew that there is very few of these in the park. In the two years that our tour guide had been working there he has only seen the lions four times!

Finishing the safari in the late afternoon, we were all very tired so had a quiet night back at the Womens Opportunity Centre having some dinner and drinks. A few of us even managed to get a hot shower before the water went cold!!

The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂

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