Closing Ceremony (Day 20)

As they say, all good things come to an end.

After the breakfast, the team rushed to town to buy last minute secret santa, once more, and wrapping paper. We’ve started to master the true art of bargaining in the market. The team leaders used the free time to polish their presentation for the closing ceremony.

In the early afternoon, we attended the closing ceremony. The CST principal gave us a warm welcome and was pleased to see us again. Hannah gave us a presentation on the outcome of this year’s project. The team has delivered STEM workshops to more than 3560 pupils this year!! This number far surpassed our original target of 2,019. So over the 4 last years, more than 6000 kids gained information about studying STEM courses at university. We also got the chance to visit companies and listen to the stories of sucessful engineers.


None of this would have been possible without our sponsors, so we would like to say a massive thank you to them all. Robertson, Star Refrigeration, Western Ferries, IESIS and Hammermen of Glasgow.

Screenshot 2019-06-19 at 12.03.50 pm

Lydie then explained her development plan for FutureYou, the FemEng equivalent society at the University of Rwanda. The society was founded a couple of years ago but has not been as successful as intended. The new aims for Future You are to provide information on STEM related courses to pupils and inspire the next generation, organise monthly public talks and workshops for students.


And finally Ellen Simmons went back on the history of  FemEng in Rwanda, its evolution from the creation to now and the future of Femeng in Rwanda. She was extremely pleased to see how well the project went this year. We are hoping to be able to emulate this project in other African countries.


On behalf of RAWISE, Dr Noella Karemera expressed their satisfaction on our collaboration with them. The Vice Chancellor Philip Cotton gave us a very inspirational speech encouraging everyone to follow their dreams. Each team member then received a certificate of participation presented by the Principle and Vice Chancellor.


Following the closing ceremony everybody went back to the hostel to pack and get dressed up for the evening celebrations. The Glasgow team got the chance to wear their new outfit made in Rwanda. We all enjoyed a lovely treat meal with multiple dishes including pizza, brochettes, samosas and chips. We exchanged , and everyone was really happy about what they received as it is a symbol of all the friendships created during the project. Each Rwandan girls received a pins with the Scottish flag and postcard from Glasgow. The evening was amazing, we took a large amount of pictures, and some impressive dance moves were performed. It was a great way to conclude the project, as the next morning it will be time to say goodbye to the Rwanda team.

The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂

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  1. Joy Gibson · August 4, 2019

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have been so inspired by all of you . Good luck to you all in your future studies . This experience will stay with you all of your lives . Learn from it and use it well .


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