Day 17

Sunday at last! A morning to relax and sleep in after a late night the night before.

Several of the Rwandan girls went home for the day so the Glasgow girls decided to go for a lazy brunch at Simba (our regular restaurant/supermarket). The avocados in a Rwanda are triple the size of those in the UK, and full of flavour, making an excellent avocado brunch sandwich.

At midday, the Glasgow team and two of the Rwandan girls (Lydie and Fabiola) headed to Josephine’s house. Josephine has been helping with project management for the Rwandan side of the project since the start, 4 years ago, and has been very helpful and welcoming. Her and her husband invited us into their home for a relaxing afternoon of good food and company. Josephine and her cook prepared a huge meal of Rwandan/Kenyan food, a delicious twist of the staples. Josephine’s 3 daughters (5 year old twins and a 11 year old) kept us well entertained. Josephine even showed us how Rwandan mothers carry their babies on their backs, tied with cloth. The two girls fell asleep tied to the backs of Fern and Hannah, so adorable!

After a nice relaxing afternoon in Josephine’s garden, we returned to the hostel. The local seamstress had brought the clothes we ordered for us to try on for final adjustments! Very exciting to see the bright coloured fabrics and different styles each of us had requested! Still full from lunch, we all had a chilled evening, face timing friends and family and relaxing.


The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂

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