Jeanne is 20!!!

Today was a very exciting day as it was our little Jeanne’s 20th birthday!!! Sadly, Jeanne had been very unwell in the days leading up to her birthday, however, she was determined to have a fun day out at Agahozo Shalom High School.



In the morning, we presented our 4 workshops to pupils, who all took a keen interest in the different disciplines and had some very challenging questions for the team.

In the afternoon, the school was hosting their annual science fair and invited us as special guests. Both pupils and teachers had set up different experiments and demonstrations to present at the fair. Our team set up stalls in which students could come and ask questions that may not have been answered in the morning workshops. This was an excellent opportunity for the team to have more personal conversations with pupils who were interested in that particular subject. Our team leaders, Hannah & Lydie closed the science fair with a speech about the importance of STEM and the future possibilities you can pursue.

After a long drive home, the team went out for a lil treat dinner for Jeanne birthday (she was still unable to stomach a beer *gasp*), but when we arrived back at the accommodation, she was very surprised to be welcomed with a giant cake and the whole team singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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