Day 5 & 6

On Tuesday morning we received a visit from Stephanie and 3 of her colleagues from Bridges to Prosperity. They are an non-profit organisation working across the world to built footbridges that connect communities together. This allows locals access to education, healthcare and gives them the ability to trade between communities. We are hoping to be able to visit 2 of their bridges during our time in Rwanda.

Unfortunately our bus driver was not available in the afternoonso the school visit we had planned had to be rescheduled to another day. This allowed time for us to work on finishing the posters for the upcoming school visits. We also took this time to hold a CV building workshop for the Rwandan girls. For most of them this was the first time they have made a CV and therefore we felt this was a beneficial activity.


On Wednesday we spent some time in the morning to do our washing…by hand…in a bucket. Shockingly, the girls were not quite used to this, and a poor local eventually felt sorry for the girls struggling over their washing, and offered a helping hand.

We then visited the SOS Technology school, which specialises in electronics, computer science and networking. This was a great opportunity to speak to older students, help them to decide about future university courses and discuss how their skills related to engineering.


The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂

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