Day 3

As today was Sunday, after breakfast we attended the local church St Etienne with a few of the Rwandan girls. Some of the other girls travelled back home to pray with their family. As always in Rwanda we were given a very warm welcome, all thoroughly enjoying singing along with the congregation. Some of us even shed a tear at the powerful service!

We then had a nice walk into the town where we bought materials that we would use to make posters in the afternoon. Once back at the accommodation, we had some down time with the Rwandan girls where we watched a film.

One of the schools we reached out to, Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux, are still doing their exams but were keen to learn more about engineering. We created a poster (that we were very proud of if we do say so ourselves…) that included a brief explanation about all of the engineering disciplines offered at the University of Rwanda. Hannah and Lydie, the team leaders, are excited to deliver the poster as well as a presentation to the school pupils tomorrow morning before breakfast.

For dinner, we wandered to a different area of Kigali to a local restaurant where we had a lovely meal. The portions were very generous… we were stuffed! Some of the locals were keen to socialise and chat to us, even offering to help us explore Kigali later on in the trip!

After heading back to the accommodation, we filled up our buckets with water in preparation for tomorrows showers. Since our days are so busy, we are always in bed by 10pm (our 20’s are starting to get to us).

The FemEng in Rwanda Team 2019 🙂

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