Kigali Christian School and Richard Kandt Museum – 16/07/18

After a well deserved weekend off, the FemEng in Rwanda team made a return visit to Kigali Christian School; having been invited back by senior teachers who had previously enjoyed our workshops with the senior 5 and 6s. This time the teams were working with younger students, with the aim of engaging them in STEM, before making subject choices.

DSC_0056  DSC_0094

The pupils showed enthusiasm for all workshops, however many demonstrated a particular interest in civil engineering. The Civil team were very impressed at the range of structures built during “the straw tower challenge”.


Following our school visit, the team travelled to the Richard Kandt museum. Richard Kandt, appointed Resident of Rwanda in 1908 is still well respected in Rwanda today, having founded the city of Kigali. On arrival the team met with a tour guide who took us around the grounds. The teams learnt about life in Rwanda before and during the Belgian colonisation.


Afterwards, both teams enjoyed a trip through the snake house outside the museum. It was beneficial for the team to gain more knowledge and understanding of Rwanda’s history and allowed us to further appreciate the culture we are surrounded by.



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