Interim project reflection, future planning and ES Nyamirambo – 11/07/18 and 12/07/18


We’re officially past halfway! After a team breakfast in the morning, the group moved back indoors and split into their relative disciplines in order to assess the progress the team had made so far and plan how best to focus their efforts over the remaining half of the project. Many good points were presented by each discipline, with a particular focus on how to ensure the success of the project in the months following the departure of the Glasgow team.

Subsequently, the rest of the day was spent working on FutureYou – a society set up by the Rwandan team members in order to use the momentum created by the project to continue the outreach work and provide a meeting place for female engineers at the University of Rwanda. Both teams are very passionate about this aspect of the project and anticipate spending many more afternoons working on it.



The beginning of the day was dedicated to showing the Rwandan team members how to start up their own society, fulfilling our aim of leaving a legacy of the project.

This was demonstrated through a powerpoint, presented by Kirsty and Morgan; the future President and Secretary of the FemEng committee 2018/19. They highlighted the different roles necessary in a society and the need for support amongst university staff. Afterwards, the Rwandan team members were given the opportunity to ask any questions of their own.

After lunch both teams set off for another school visit to ES Nyamirambo where they spoke to over 150 high school children. In this school, it quickly became apparent that the children were particularly interested in science. After speaking with the girls, we witnessed them discover a more salient interest in engineering, as they realised it could be viewed as a physical application of the sciences they were interested in.



With additional knowledge since our recent visit to Zipline, the aeronautical team where able to engage the children further showing the job prospects for aeronautical engineers here in Rwanda. The mechanical team showed pictures of the finished UGR racecar. The children were highly impressed that this was a completely student run project and left the room inspired and with their minds open to the world of engineering.


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