More school visits! – 6/07/2018

Friday was a busy day for the team with two school visits planned. The morning visit to Kigali Christian School to engage with approximately 50 3rd year science students was a massive success. The headmaster was so impressed that he has invited us back to the school to work with younger students.



This visit was particularly inspiring and motivational as we met an incredible young student and strong advocate of empowering women, Ella Ginette. Ella, who is only 19 years old, is starting a group to encourage women to believe they can achieve, awaken leadership in them and to knowtheir rights, values and worth. She aims to impart values of dignity, discipline, self respect, commitment and creativity through talking at schools and hosting clubs and conferences. Ella is also aiming to inspire women to walk hand in hand, volunteer, fight for their rights and tackle local issues such as the high number of unwanted pregnancies. We plan to keep in contact with Ella and wish her all the success in her vision!


Our second school visit of the day was St Joseph Integrated Technical School which seen around 100 pupils engage with our workshops. Since this was a technical school, the majority of pupils were keen to learn more about mining, mechanical and civil engineering. However, they showed enthusiasm towards all of our workshops and asked how they could use their technical skills to get involved in engineering in the future.


To round off a busy day, the whole team got dressed up and hit the town to experience Rwandan nightlife.

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