Cultural Exchange – 02/07/18

The team spent the morning finishing off the workshops in order to present to fellow teammates as a practice before the school visits. Everyone is excited to get the school children involved!

After lunch we had an afternoon of exploring both Rwandan and Scottish cultures. The Rwandan team dressed each of the Glasgow team with African head garments and displayed some of their traditional dances. The Glasgow team were feeling well practiced after their dance lesson the night before at the art centre, so were keen to participate. The Rwandan team were pleasantly surprised by our lack of rhythm.

It was then the Glasgow teams turn to show off some Scottish culture, so what better way than traditional ceilidh dancing. We demonstrated the ‘Dashing White Sargent’ and the Rwandan team had it perfected in no time. Everyone was really enjoying themselves. The team continued to dance afterwards but sadly there was little improvement on the Glasgow team’s rhythm.


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