Workshop Preparations continued! – 30/06/2018

Our team have had a busy day hard at work.  The different degree disciplines spent the day designing posters and activities to prepare for our upcoming presentations around different high schools in Rwanda.  See what each team has been up to below.

Electrical and Aeronautical Engineering – Today was all about finishing the workshop posters and the final organisation of the activity.  As a team, we are excited to deliver our workshop to school children.  For our workshop, we plan to let the high school pupils design a circuit showing the applications of engineering used worldwide.  We hope the school children enjoy our workshop and leave feeling inspired!

Civil Engineering  – We have been working on two workshops that will teach the children about structural design and urban planning using classroom materials. One workshop involves building structural towers using only masking tape and straws, while the other allows the children to design their own city from architectural models.

Mechanical Engineering – Thanks to one of our sponsors, Star refrigeration, the Mechanical engineering team were kindly donated 5 whirling thermometers that are used to measure humidity in the air. The girls set about designing a poster which explains how to use the thermometer and the importance of cooling in everyday life. The thermometer uses two bulbs, a wet and dry one to give two different temperature readings after being whirled for 20s. This can be done inside and outside in order to determine the different levels of humidity. The school children will then have to read the data from a graph to determine the percentage of water in the air. Mining is the biggest export in Rwanda and the humidity in the air can effect working conditions.

Biomedical Engineering – For the Biomedical Engineering workshops, the girls are working on 3 different activities: An interactive sound diagnostic workshop (courtesy of ESPRC Circuits! Team) using sound to diagnose diseases such as malaria and hepatitis. A paper diagnostic workshop using paper tests to diagnose conditions such as malaria and pregnancy. A DNA workshop demonstrating the importance of studying biomedical science and the theory behind the above workshops. The team are excited to enhance what has already been prepared and believe the school pupils are going to love it! As biomedical engineering is not currently on offer as a course in Rwanda, we are hoping to inspire the pupils to choose the course when it becomes available to them in future years.

Mining Engineering Mining workshops are about raising awareness about the existence of mining engineering and helping students understand what it takes to be a mining engineer.  It is important to make them aware of the importance of mining activities towards Rwandan economy.  We also plan to show them the different careers students can undertake after obtaining a mining degree, this including careers in petroleum engineering and drilling engineering.




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