20/07/2017: APE Rugunga & St Emmanuel

After three intense weeks of hosting workshops in schools, today was the last day of outreach activities for the FemEng in Rwanda team.

In the morning, we visited the nearby APE Rugunga secondary school. There was a strong sense of excitement in the room as the students had just finished their exams. The students were very engaged in the workshops and were particularly interested in the design challenges from the Civil Engineering and Architecture workshops. One boy in particular combined the straw tower challenge with the architecture schoolyard design concept and created a unique structure.


After the last FemEng in Rwanda team lunch together at our local church canteen, we attended St Emmanuel Secondary School. This was a great milestone for us, as not only was it our 10th and final school visit, but we also managed to hit our target of reaching out to over 1000 students! We were very happy about this, especially since we reached out to double the number of students compared to last year’s project.


To celebrate the past four weeks of working together on the project, we hosted the Rwandan team at our guesthouse for a farewell party. After a dinner together, we painted each other’s nails and made friendship bracelets to mark the bonds that were formed within the team. We also projected a slideshow of all the photos taken throughout the project which was a great way of looking back at all the nice moments we had together.



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