16/07/2017: Nu Vision

Today we planned on visiting two schools and going on a team trip to the Ubumuntu Arts Festival, at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

In the morning we attended the Nu Vision High School. Here we met an impressive number of students, covering approximately 200 overall (150 of which were female). Today it was our first attempt at presenting the Zipline workshop, consisting of explaining the process of delivering medical products to remote areas of Rwanda using a poster we prepared. Additionally, we showed them a parachute package that we received from Zipline, used to hold the blood/plasma products and safely drop them to the target hospital. The students were impressed at the simplicity of the design, compared with the impact it has on the local community. This was linked to the Aeronautical Engineering theme, represented by our team member Holly.


Due to an unexpected memorial service for a late teacher, our second school visit was cancelled. Instead, we returned to the guest house with the girls and spent some time together working on their CVs further before heading to the festival.

The Ubumuntu Arts Festival was an amazing cultural experience for us and the Rwandan team. There were artistic performances showcasing humanity and different tragic events  across the world, ranging from the Syrian uprising to political scenes in Burundi, the Rwandan genocide and the abduction of the Nigerian Chibok Girls. These stories were emotional and close to home for some of the team members, bringing a great sense of purpose due to the present realities for many people across the world. 


It was really nice to spend some leisure time as a full team, and gave us an unexpected evening out to break up the school visits. Our week ahead is our last and full of things to do!

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