14/07/2017: Riviera

Today we started the day with a CV Clinic Workshop for the Rwandan girls. We split into groups and shared our experience with them by comparing CVs and talking about interview techniques. Our goal was to help the girls create their own CVs and motivate them into applying for jobs and internships.

In the afternoon we attended the Riviera School. This was a very international school with high school students from all over the world and countries such as Burundi, Oman, China which gave us an even broader outreach and cultural impact. We exchanged interesting stories with the children about their culture, our experience in Rwanda and future plans for the FemEng project.


Our team member Sihang met a high school student from China who moved there with her family and had the chance to speak her own language for the first time in a while. China seems to have a great impact on the Rwandan economy bringing jobs to the local community though investing in the construction field. Anais, a student from Burundi, was very happy to rehearse her German language skills by talking with our team member Kati.


We are looking forward to our trip tomorrow to Lake Kivu for exploring more of the Rwandan nature and enjoy new experiences with our team!

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