15/07/2017: Group trip to Gisenyi and Lake Kivu

On Saturday we took a group retreat to Lake Kivu and Gisenyi town, a 3-hour drive from Kigali but definitely worth it! As one of the best-known tourist attractions in Rwanda, we were keen to ensure a lot of driving in order to see it.


Many of our Rwandan teammates had never been there before, and we were surprised to learn that most of them had never even swam before! An interesting service you can receive at the lake is to rent a one-on-one swimming instructor who will spend hours with you teaching you the basics. It was really great to see them embracing the water, as we were told by one of the instructors that many Rwandans are afraid of swimming and bodies of water in general. We take for granted that we are often forced into swimming lessons as young children, and for these girls it was a big step for them to throw themselves right in! The rest of us relaxed lakeside with a Virunga in hand, and took a pedalo trip to the middle of the water.


The new swimmers were exhausted on the trip home, but it was a lovely excursion for us all and a great chance to be on the beach to break up our school visits.

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