11/07/2017: St Joseph

Today was a first – giving our workshops in a basketball court! St Joseph is a technical school, hence the hard hats. We started the day in shade but very quickly ended up completely exposed to the morning sun – as you can imagine, we were struggling a lot more than our Rwandan teammates, but had a large number of children turn up. Approximately 150 boys and girls roamed around our stands, with some gathering more interest than others. At the Biomedical Eng stand, there seemed to be a great deal of inquiry into exactly how did the pregnancy test work – only from boys!

Upon returning from this visit, we were called from the school director as he was really grateful for us to go and speak with them. Apparently they don’t have many visitors (potentially due to their more practical nature) and they very much enjoyed us taking an interest in them. We may have to pay them a second visit!


In the afternoon, Jumai held a CV-writing session with all of us, so we could help one another and offer some advice to the girls which hadn’t written one before. The high school team especially enjoyed it and were very inquisitive!

Tomorrow we visit Muhanga to see Zipline and the Bridges to Prosperity site. It will be a long day of driving but we are looking forward to it!




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