FemEng at the Next Einstein Forum’s Africa Science Week

This past Saturday 10th June, the association of girls in architecture Akagoroba and the FemEng 2017 group represented the University of Rwanda at the Science Expo (celebrating Africa Science Week) organised by Next Einstein Forum in Kigali. Josephine Malonza, our supporting lecturer at UR was invited as an exhibitor. Here she tells us about the experience with the help of some great photographs of our team in action!


The expo is a celebration of science and technology across Africa, and to encourage more citizens of various age groups to get involved and interested in science. We made the schoolchildren participate in a tower challenge, and gave FemEng stickers to the winning teams. Some schools also participated in mind-mapping of various exit careers from Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science etc. Our exhibition was to promote STEM especially to young girls.


FemEng Rwanda 2016 t-shirt on display


Tower Building Challenge! Adapted from Civil Engineering & Architecture workshop last year



Annick Agasaro introducing the FemEng project to the girls are who won the Tower Challenge. Notice they already have FemEng stickers on their blouses.


Olga Sebashyitsi explaining the Kigali wetland project and environmental planning. Too many questions from curious students of Lycee Notre Dame de Citeaux (a participating school in FemEng workshops in 2016)!


Arthur of Zipline taking to FemEng girls. Zipline is one of the companies supporting our 2017 project and the team will visit their Muhanga firm during the workshops.


Annick Agasaro, one of the FemEng 2017 project team wearing a new hat (UR Architecture) – I personally hope to model a biomedical engineer out of her, with the help of Ellen Simmons.


The girls got creative and created ‘mind mapping’ of career options in STEM. Most of it was done with visiting schools at our tent.

Josephine has been working really hard along with the Rwandan teams to prepare for our visit, and we appreciate her tireless support. Exhibiting at this expo was a first for FemEng and it’s great for our peers to be working together prior to our arrival. We can’t wait to join them!


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