T-19 days!

UR/High-School Team

The team in Rwanda have already started meeting together and getting to know one another, in addition to discussing concepts for our workshop and learning about last year from Josephine Malonza, the Architecture Lecturer from URwanda who brought this whole project together.

Currently, the student leaders in Kigali are looking at the schools in the area and deciding how to design our schedule to maximise our coverage! There are hundreds of possible schools for us to visit, so we have to make sure we are able to go to as many as possible in the four weeks we are together, with the goal to continue this work once the Glasgow team have returned home.


The first meeting of our UR student team last week, with a smiling Josephine 3rd from the right!

This year, the entire team (Rwandan students and high-school pupils) will be housed next to the UR campus to allow for us to all spend more time together, less time commuting… and hopefully get more sleep! We look forward to bringing our teams together in a few weeks time and working alongside these leaders in STEM.


Next Einstein Forum’s Africa Science Week 


The Rwandan side of our team are busy preparing for the Next Einstein Forum’s Science Expo, as part of their Africa Science Week, working alongside the UR women in architecture student group Akagoroba (which Josephine founded previously) to talk about our initiatives to bring more women into STEM. Members of our high-school team will be working on producing content to show the variety of careers which can emerge from STEM subjects and the UR students will have a chance to talk about their current subjects of interest, particularly environmental planning, renewable energy and rural electrification.

We are honoured to be invited to be a part of this event and look forward to hearing how the team enjoy presenting on the 10th June.

Read more about NEF Africa Science Week here!


Most of the URwanda & High-School Team 2017 meeting to plan for the NEF Science Expo this week – spot the model of Kigali wetlands in the foreground, which will be used to demonstrate environmental planning on Saturday


Sponsorship from Great Wall-Subaru-Isuzu

We are pleased to announce our recent sponsorship from a branch of Great Wall-Subaru-Isuzu Motors!

Our sponsors are very valuable to us: but we would’t mind having some more! If you would be interested in sponsoring our project or donating funds to enhance our work, please email femengrwanda@gmail.com!


Upcoming Workshop: Ingenious Circuits with Proteus and RAEng

On the 14th June, the Ingenious Circuits teams from the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh are coming together to show us prototypes they have designed for us to take to Rwanda. We’ve seen some examples already and they look amazing!


A sneaky peek at some materials used by the group for workshops around visualisation of lung disease

Learn more about the Proteus group here!

A big thanks to the UofG Social Media team who will be promoting our blog throughout the trip!


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