FemEng in ScotParl: 28th Sep ’16

Months of anticipation and planning are over for our Holyrood Reception. In a beautiful setting surrounded by their supporters, the Glasgow team presented their work through photos and videos of the time in Rwanda, sharing real conversations and showing the true impact of this project.

dsc_5569dsc_5486copy-of-dsc_5471The audience were able to hear from each of us (bar Magda, who is currently in training for her new job in NYC), covering various aspects of the project, from descriptions of the workshops to a breakdown of their costs. The cultural dynamics of the teams were also discussed and we rounded the talks off with the plans for 2017. A key point to take from the presentation was that through the attention FemEng has received from the Rwanda project, activities in Glasgow have been enhanced, and a new branch of FemEng created in Dublin.

A detailed report of the FIR project so far will become available next week, giving more in-depth information that could not be covered during the presentations. This will be free to download and the instructions on how to do this will be posted at the time.

Special thanks first to CH2M, our first official sponsor of the project who kindly donated funds to assist with catering costs at both our launch event and this reception.


Secondly, Sandra White MSP (Kelvin) who enabled us to host this event kindly opened the evening and subsequently lodged a Motion within the Scottish Parliament calling for commendation of the project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A great deal of encouragement was received from those who ventured out in the rain to see us, and we look forward to following up with the ideas that were shared that night. It is clear that the FemEng mission is definitely a worthy one, and can only grow into bigger and better things as time goes on.

Please direct any questions or suggestions to femengrwanda@gmail.com. Don’t forget about our Twitter and Facebook too!

Warm Regards from the FIR Glasgow Team 2016



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