Last Day in Kigali!

It’s our last day in Kigali! The team can’t quite believe how fast our time here has gone. Jess and Tina visited the Genocide Memorial Museum in the morning while the rest of the Glasgow team took the opportunity to have a lie in before heading to KIST to pack up our workshop materials. The rest of the day was spent packing and buying last minute souvenirs from Caplaki Market. A few of the girls even tested out the local mototaxis! It was very sad saying our final goodbyes to all the people who have looked after us and made our stay here so much better than we could of anticipated. Special thanks to Josephine Malonza for heading up our project here in Rwanda and being like a mum to all of us during this time.

There may not be much from us for a couple of days as we travel back to Glasgow, but we look forward to sharing more details and photos of our experience as soon as we have recovered from 24hrs of travelling!


Lots of love from,

The FemEng in Rwanda team


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