Days 18 & 19 – last workshops

Monday was the last day of workshops. We had La Columbiere school coming in the morning. For the last time we presented Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Design and Biomedical engineering workshops.  After that we were waiting for the Minister of Education but he never arrived. After the lunch break we did a debrief of the whole project with the team. Loads of ideas and suggestions were made that will improve the project next year. We discussed the impact we made on the high school girls and what we learned from the project as well. The sum up of this debrief will be included in the future post. In the evening Glasgow team went out for a dinner at the Carwash and celebrated the last day of workshops.


On Tuesday morning Professor Phil Cotton (Vice Chancellor of University of Rwanda) visited us and brought certificates of participation for the whole team. We showed him quick presentations of our workshops and he was very impressed. An obligatory photo was taken and after that we moved on to the fun part. We played music and shared snacks. Rwandan girls gave us earrings as gifts which was incredibly nice. After few hours of making bracelets, pleading random braids and taking loads of photos, Ellen gave everyone the certificates signed by Phil Cotton and herself. Couple of people had to leave early and it was really sad to say “bye”. We have no idea when are we going to see each other next time. A couple of girls from Glasgow team decided to get braids made and we are currently waiting for the braid maker to arrive. To be continued…

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