Day 17 – Visit to Akagera

A 5.30am rise marked our earliest start yet. It was the day we’d all been eagerly anticipating since day 1 of the trip: the visit to Akagera National Park. A breakfast of fruits, eggs and strong African tea and coffee was served around the outdoor table at the Eco-lodge in the still, chilly darkness before sunrise. We were then lucky enough to watch as the red morning sun rose from behind the rolling hills, indicating that it was time for us to head on our way.

Arriving at Akagera, we met with our safari guide who would ride along with us on our 6 hour drive through the park. As we began our journey we were amazed by the diverse range of wildlife we were met with. It was a truly breathtaking experience at times, the likes of which none of us had ever experienced before.
Standing on a vast beach observing the hippos submerged to their eyes in water while 30 or more baboons ran past, some carrying their infants on their backs. Looking down at the beady eyes of a deadly black mamba snake coiled suspiciously still by the roadside. Watching as giraffes, zebras and antelope went about their daily routine and catching a rare glimpse of an elephant washing itself in the distance.

The day felt all the more special after a tough but rewarding week of work. Sadly, this long awaited day is also a reminder that we only have a few remaining days here in Rwanda. Tomorrow we are expecting an official visit at the University from the Minister of Education, Papias Musafiri who originally invited our team here to Kigali. This will be will be very significant in raising the project’s profile here in Rwanda. We will also be running workshops in the morning for La Colombiere school.After scrubbing today’s layer of dust off of us, we are refreshed and ready to tackle the last few project days.


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