Day 12

The second day commenced with similar enthusiasm and excitement!

We got another nice breakfast at the Church Guest House Canteen, and were back in the KIST building by 8:30am.

We began the day running the Biomedical Engineering workshop and the Design Engineering workshop with some more girls from Lycee Notre Dame. Some more really amazing designs came out of the workshops in the case to solve ‘a blind person in a supermarket’. See picture below of the winning team – they designed a wheel-along walking stick to navigate them around a supermarket with a camera to detect different products, and if that was not enough there was also a basket attached to the side to store the shopping in! There were equally innovative ideas coming from the Biomedical workshop.


The second lot of workshops in the morning were Software Engineering and Civil Engineering. The girls really enjoyed making their ‘Scratch’ programs, getting really into the different sounds and movements. Also, there were some wonderfully structurally sound tower designs built in the civil workshop. Some of the tallest we’ve seen so far!

IMG_0170 (2).JPG

After lunch, we welcomed a lively bunch of girls from ETEL Technical School. We ran the Aerospace workshop and 3D Printing/Mechanical workshop to start, then due to popular demand we swapped the groups over and ran both of them again.



IMG_0286 (2).JPG

It was a fun end to the day as they let their wild side out while throwing about paper airplanes.

We look forward to the action-packed days ahead. Tomorrow will mark us as half way through the workshop days, as well as marking the Glasgow Team as only having one week left of being in Rwanda!

Until tomorrow ~ the Glasgow FemEng Team


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