Day 8

We had a dynamic start to the morning with a quick game of Ninja. We quickly got to work though, presenting both the Fold-a-rap 3D printer that we brought as well as the printer we will be borrowing from the KIST design department and how they both worked. This was presented to everyone involved in the project as many had not seen one working before and those who had, had little idea of how they worked There was an atmosphere of curiosity and intrigue as we were joined by some KIST architecture students filing into the room to see the tiny 3D printed elephant being passed round.


We then ran through the remaining workshops: Biomedical engineering, Design engineering and Mechanical engineering. Again, this was very useful to see how well the workshops were going and aspects that needed to be improved, as well as ensuring that they ran within the one-hour time slot. Everyone worked really hard and stayed late to ensure all the workshops had been run through and were really helpful in giving feedback. We really owe it to the teams involved, having spared so much of their time and enthusiasm to this project. Final preparations were made to presentations and practical’s ready for our first workshops on Monday!


Meanwhile, members from each of the teams went to visit schools and collages again in order to invite them to our workshops. At the end of the day we were able to confirm eight of the ten slots for next week! We all took a few minutes to greet them back


Tomorrow will be a full Saturday, with 17 members of the team leaving campus to travel to several interesting locations out with Kigali. Beginning by visiting a prison in order to see their biogas facilities, we will then be visiting a boarding school to talk about different stem career prospects. Last of all we’ll travel to Nyanza to see the Kings Palace Museum and The National Museum of Rwanda before visiting another high school and returning home.

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