Practice day!

Most of the teams managed to finish preparing their workshops yesterday, so today we decided to practice them in front of each other. It was a lot of fun and people were happy to see the hours of researching and making presentation coming to life. Jova, Nina and Nadine were travelling around the schools (they visited 23 schools!) in Kigali trying to invite children for the workshops next week.

It started off with Jess’ workshop about Aerospace Engineering. We learned about space shuttles and orbits. Jess also explained her final project for which she designed a futuristic airplane. In the practical part of the workshop we made paper airplanes and had a little competition. Kelly’s (Green Hills Academy student) airplane turned out to fly the furthest.


Civil Engineering and Architecture workshop was next. Catriona, Claudine and Alice gave us and interesting introduction to the topic and also explained why these areas of engineering are important to Rwanda. In the practical part we build towers using plastic straws and tape. Great construction were made and it was really fun.


After that we went for lunch. In the second part of the day Renewable Energy Engineering and Software Engineering workshops were run. Christie and Beck combined their workshops into one and it was really cool because most of it are hands-on activities. We were asked to place things like wind turbines and biogas containers on a landscape model. After that we build pipes system out of cardboard. The aim was to have the water (represented by a bead) running as slow as possible. The last activity involved building different water infrastructures out of plastic bottles.


The Software Engineering workshop was the last. In the presentation people learned what computer science and programming were, watched an inspirational video about “Hour of Code” program and saw how important and big technology is for Rwanda these days. In the practical part the participants did some Scratch programming.

The day was very interactive and people loved it. The ideas were better than we could’ve expected. We’re excited to see the rest of the workshops tomorrow. Architecture students will be visiting to see the 3D printer workshop.

~ Magda

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