Day 4 in Kigali: Workshop Prep Begins

We woke up pretty early; eager to get over to the KIST building for the first day of our full “prep week”. We still had plenty of fresh fruit and birthday cake left over from the weekend, so the early wake-up call wasn’t too difficult to manage!

We had made a few colourful posters giving directions to the workshops and outlining the plan for the day, and set about hanging these up before the Rwandans arrived.

WhatsApp-Image-20160606 (1).jpegWhatsApp-Image-20160606.jpeg

The first activity of the day was a fun ice-breaking game to get to know the other girls a bit better, by asking random questions about favourite foods and embarrassing moments. It was really good fun and a great way to get everyone chatting to start the day.

Next, we had a long brainstorm about the list of proposed workshops and how best to deliver them. We also learnt a little bit more about the students we might be meeting and the language barrier considerations we might have to work with.

Then, we formed teams with a mix of Glaswegians, schoolgirls, and University of Rwanda girls to further brainstorm each workshop. The aim was to figure out in better detail exactly what to discuss/show in each activity, and what materials were required, in addition to making sure the workshops could be related to current engineering problems in Rwanda. With our counterparts we figured out how best to deliver the workshops in a manner which would be interesting, relevant and most importantly, understandable. Everyone agreed that due to the language barrier, the best approach would be to make the material as visual and interactive as possible. Finally, each group created a mindmap to represent their workshop and presented the afternoon’s work to everyone else for feedback.

WhatsApp-Image-20160606 copy.jpeg

All in all, it was a really productive day and got the project off to a fantastic start. The girls were very engaged in their own themes and everyone learnt something new. Tomorrow we will be developing the workshops further and testing out the different practical activities we wanted to implement with materials we bought this evening. Expect lots of straws, beads, and maybe even a pregnancy test…

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