Day 3

Today we did some more exploring around Kigali before continuing with workshop preparation with the Rwandan teams tomorrow. Half of our group went to the local Anglican Church and the other half went to a nearby craft village.

The church was so welcoming, we had to introduce ourselves to the congregation and they sang us a welcome song. The church choir were absolutely fantastic, there was so much enthusiasm and passion. There was a pianist drummer and bass guitar too. It was interesting to see what services are like here and the differences to what we do in Scotland. We chatted to some locals who were so friendly and interested in our project which was really encouraging!

The craft village was a circular formation of huts which sold African souvenirs. The huts were very small and you walked in to have a look around at the products. Each hut was owned by a different person and there was lots of bright colours and animal themed gifts. It was tough to haggle with the salespeople but good experience to have. It was also the first time navigating around the city without help of our Rwandan counterparts.

We’ve also set aside time tonight to develop rough daily plans and workshop skeletons. More team building exercises and icebreakers have been planned so everybody gets to know each other more. We’re very excited to work more closely with our Rwandan counterparts tomorrow!

Here are our aims for tomorrow:

  1. Integrate teams together further, through games and planning exercises
  2. introduce ideas and get feedback and ideas from the other teams
  3. kickstart the brainstorming for what the workshops will look like
  4. leave with skeleton of workshops for further development the next day13348953_10210062878067640_175822236_n.jpg

It’s Magda our team member’s birthday today so we had a nice meal all together to celebrate!


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