Rwandan team selected + more

The project planning is quickly picking up pace, and alongside the newly released exam timetable our team is looking towards a very busy couple of months ahead! However, excitement and motivation is keeping us going and you will see why in the remainder of this post.

Rwandan Counterpart Team

Hearing from Josephine Malonza this week, we can now confirm our counterpart team has been selected at the University of Rwanda, and a counterpart team of schoolgirls from Green Hills Academy are currently still being selected for us. We are setting up communications to allow us to communicate with the team(s) ASAP – we are really excited to meet them!


Launch Event Confirmed

We have now secured a lovely venue for our project launch, the Wolfson Medical Building! The School of Engineering have helped us greatly in setting this up and we are privileged to be able to use such a nice place for this event. Invitations are being sent out now – have a lookout for yours! We are planning on making the event free to attend, but due to limited spaces we will need people to book their spot in advance.


Collaboration with Dr Julien Reboud

This week we met with Dr Reboud from Biomedical Engineering, who works with low-cost diagnostics. He has agreed to give us materials to take to Rwanda to demonstrate what these medical devices can do (despite looking so small and simple!). The devices we are looking at are for microfluidics, and can be used to instantly detect the presence of certain bacteria in body fluids such as saliva. We aim to inspire the people we meet to see how useful such devices could be in their communities, with the ability for them to identify diseases such as malaria and HIV. Dr Reboud highlighted that parasitic diseases are a big problem in places like Rwanda, and we should bring attention to the importance of this type of engineering during our time there.


Facebook Page

If you haven’t already seen our Facebook page, it has been inundated with attention these past couple weeks and we cannot believe the support already. Click on our page to see for yourself!



Finally, we got the chance to recently meet with members of the Students for Rwandan Medics society at UofG, and heard back from one of their trustees about her time in Rwanda. Their group has enabled a multitude of individuals in Rwanda to be able to attend university, and distributes laptops and other resources to those who can’t afford them. It’s great to see such significant changes being made in these people’s lives, especially as many had been homeless and in the depths of poverty.


So keep your eye out for our invitations, thank you for reading! Profiles of our team members will be posted soon.


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