Sponsorship Updates

It’s been an exciting few weeks for us, with two new sponsors on board already and interest blooming from a variety of different channels. So far we have secured the following:

  • Funding to cover a launch event and post-trip event
  • £2000 towards the overall cost of the project
  • Learning kit from Dyson

Although this may not seem too much right now, we have multiple interested parties in the works and are still waiting to hear back from the Chancellor’s Fund regarding our grant application, which will cover the majority of our costs if accepted.

We also have our crowdfunding site up and running, which can be accessed by going to gofund.me/femengrwanda.

Finally, our launch event is planned to take place on the 14th April at the University, and having just confirmed the booking for the venue we are now going to concentrate on making sure this is a success!

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